Vibrant Energy

"Supporting a Healthy Environment & Lifestyle"

Vibrant Energy offers environmental consulting services, affordable educational environmental guidance materials, and unique health and wellness themed products to support a healthy environment and lifestyle. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with environmental knowledge, valuable guidance, and sustainable solutions for all parties involved. To learn more about our service and product offerings, explore our menus. 

Environmental Consulting Services

Providing hourly environmental consulting services for residential and commercial clients to assist with an array of environmental concerns related to conditions that could potentially adversely affect human health and the environment. Services range from hourly consulting to discuss and determine solutions for planning and management, reviewing/preparing technical documents/files with recommended solutions for decision-making, third-party review and oversight, and providing educational environmental awareness services. View our "Environmental Services" menu to learn more about our service offerings. 

Educational Guidance Materials

Vibrant Energy offers affordable environmental related guidance documents to assist with up to date knowledge on environmental topics, regulatory laws, and helpful tips.  We simplify complex environmental topics so you can apply needed knowledge to your existing projects without delays or expensive seminar costs.  All guidance documents are created as a PDF document that are easy to follow for all levels of expertise. If you have a specific environmental topic that you would like to learn more about, please feel free to submit your request on our "Contact Us" message form.  View our "Products" menu for existing and newly added materials.

Health & Wellness Products

Vibrant Energy offers unique wellness related products to support a healthy lifestyle and living environment. Our products include self-paced learning programs (eBooks) with themed wellness purposes, a variety of gemstone jewelry to experience stone energy properties, and stone collections for desired personal or home use to enhance positive energies in your living/work space. Please visit our "Products" menu for existing and newly added products.

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"Supporting a Healthy Environment & Lifestyle"

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